As Memory Fades

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As Memory Fades

As Memory Fades

Our compassionate staff guides residents with dementia on a new path to the present. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease not only rob an individual of a sense of self; they also rob families of quality time with their loved ones. Families struggling to understand and care for others affected by these illnesses often find that they can no longer cope with the everyday stress associated with this challenge. They search for someone who will take the time to listen and respond to their unique needs, and offer an environment that provides security and support through an unbearably difficult time.

Spectrum Retirement Communities understands the needs and uniqueness of each family’s situation and will open five new Memory Care Communities nationwide in 2012.

Spectrum’s Path to the Present™ program will offer unrivaled care in these specially designed communities focusing specifically on seniors and families battling Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Spectrum has developed an individualized approach to memory care that honors the principles of person-centered care: assurance of individuality, personal choice, privacy, dignity, respect, sense of being part of a community and a home environment. This philosophy is based on a commitment to understanding the unique life path that brings each individual into the Spectrum program, as well as the importance of living in the present with each resident each day.

Spectrum has partnered with Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging and the S.E.L.F training program, which teaches a comprehensive, person-centered approach to care emphasizing the individual resident’s routine and personality. In addition, team members receive ongoing training to ensure knowledge of the latest trends in diagnosing, treating and caring for individuals with dementia.

Person-centered programming offers strong life-enrichment activities that serve as a foundation of support for  residents. The daily activities — specifically designed to address the needs of the Memory Care residents — create a sense of routine and security, empowering and supporting them in a safe lifestyle. Routine is not established for the convenience of staff, but is based on residents’ choices, rhythms and the spontaneity that daily life brings to individuals with dementia.

Each resident apartment features a cottage like atmosphere, with its own front porch, colorful mailbox and curio cabinet where residents can keep important personal mementos. The dining program at Spectrum Memory Care Communities is also specially designed to stimulate the senses with an emphasis on super foods, proper nutrition, and hydration. While residents are able to make their own choices, a dedicated chef creates a menu emphasizing foods that, according to the latest research, may slow the effects of dementia.

Spectrum’s new Path to the Present™ program and dedicated Memory Care Communities utilize the latest research and forward-thinking philosophies to guarantee residents and their families the very best in
memory care. The empathetic, nurturing and person-centered approach honors each individual and addresses each family’s unique situation, providing guidance and support through a challenging time.

By: Brendan Harrington for Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC


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