Colors of Spectrum Retirement

Colors of Spectrum Retirement

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Colors of Spectrum.
Optimistic yellow makes mom’s move bright.


Color your life with FUN!SM means so much to staff and residents at Spectrum Retirement Communities. The colors have inspired families as well. Two daughters share the story of the color yellow and what it’s done for their mother and her move to Lakeview:

Louise Saban 1We had our mom, Louise, on the waiting list at Lakeview Senior Living for almost a year, and in July they called us with a room for her. We decided to make it a surprise. We had Mother’s room painted bright, cheery Optimistic Yellow. We bought everything new — so as to not alert her by taking stuff from her house — including a chair (one of those that works electrically to help her up), a bed, two small dressers, a small kitchen table, a 55-inch TV, and more. We moved it in that morning.

We picked Mom up for dinner at Lakeview. She had gone to lunch there three times before and knew she was on the waiting list. When we arrived, we took her down the hall to her room painted Optimistic Yellow. She walked in and sat down with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t believe we had done all the work of getting her moved in. She sat there smiling and admiring all the happy, positive yellow as she read the “Welcome home” cards. She has been Optimistic Yellow ever since!

–Louise Saban’s loving family


By Lisa Jensen, Director of Fun, Lakeview Senior Living

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