Distinguished Resident: Life Passions

Distinguished Resident: Life Passions

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No matter when you discover it, live your passion. 

Donna Bevans Ph.D

Ridgen Farm Senior Living 
Fort Collins, Colorado

Donna Bevans,  Ph.D., spent more than 25 years in her own private practice as a psychologist after moving to Southern California in 1968. In addition to maintaining her practice, she worked for the Marine Corps as a therapist and as the director of the Family Service Center.

It wasn’t until after she retired, that she found her true passion.

The mother of three, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of one, Donna and her husband, Bill Easterbrooks, moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, to be near Donna’s daughter and grandchildren. After checking out several communities, Donna and Bill chose Rigden Farm Senior Living. They liked the light, open hallways and meeting rooms as well as the large apartments. Being just one mile from her daughter’s home sealed the deal.

After criticizing a book she was reading on vacation, her husband commented, “Do you think you can do better?” Never one to deny a challenge, it started her on the road to her retirement career. Today, Bill is Donna’s inspiration, first line editor and biggest fan.

After six years of writing classes, workshops and conferences, she published her first fiction book, “Whatever It Takes.” Her second book published in 2009, “So … You Want to Write a Book: A Manual for the Beginning Writer,” is her only non-fiction book.

When Donna refused to allow her young granddaughter to read her novel, the eight-year-old put her hands on her hips and said, “Grandma, you should write a book for kids.” Four picture books and easy readers quickly followed. Donna’s son, Matthew Stewart, a graphic designer who resides in Eugene, Oregon, creates the covers and illustrations for her books.

Donna’s second novel, “It’s the Mountain Way,” published in 2012, takes place in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Donna’s newest book, “Secrets on Sycamore Street,” available in July, is a suspense fiction involving sex, lies, drugs and blackmail that takes place in Fort Collins, mentioning local landmarks.

Donna teaches creative writing once a week for the residents of Rigden Farm. The class covers writing dialogue, punctuation, point of view, developing characters and other writing skills.

Never one to be idle for long, Donna has recently started a sequel to her first novel, “Whatever It Takes,” and is excited to publish an anthology of short stories and poems written by the residents of Rigden Farm this fall. Donna’s books are available on Amazon, or can be ordered from your local bookstore.

stan_blogStan Jursek

Pine Ridge Villas of Shelby Senior Living
Township, Michigan

Stan Jursek spent a lifetime as a true Detroit man — working in the auto industry. But Stan was not a GM, Ford or a Chrysler man. He was a Holley Performance Products man.

Stan had a knack for sales and he foresaw the potential growth in the aftermarket car parts industry. With a vision of the success of Holley in mind, he climbed the company ladder from the accounting department to the president of the carburetor division with a stop as vice president of sales and marketing in between. He joined the company right out of high school in 1956 and remained there for 35 years.

During his tenure, Stan watched Holley parts evolve into the racing mainstay they are today. He led the company into the aftermarket industry. He rode the tidal wave of government regulation that changed the auto industry and managed to help guide Holley out the other side as strong as ever. In 1991, after years of hard work and extensive travel, Stan chose retirement.

During his early retirement, Stan enjoyed traveling, watercolor painting and custom jewelry design and fabrication. He discovered painting on a cruise ship in 1998 and has since completed 25 paintings. Jewelry making is a hobby leftover from his time as a high-level executive at Holley. He used this pastime as a diversion from the rigors of the business.

Stan, now 86 years old, and his wife of nearly 60 years, Claire, moved to Pine Ridge Villas of Shelby in 2007. The couple has two daughters and one son. Stan still dabbles in painting and jewelry making, but these days he focuses more on managing he and Claire’s finances and stocks.

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