FINDING LOVE… When You’re Not Looking

FINDING LOVE… When You’re Not Looking

It was love at first site for two Park Meadows Senior Living residents.

Gene Deppen lived a long and full life with a storied military career, four sons and wife with whom he spent many post-retirement years traveling. After his wife passed away in 2015, he moved to Kansas to be near family and chose Park Meadows Senior Living as his new home. Little did he know that his very first night there would change the rest of his life.

Gene took a seat at the community happy hour next to Myra Hettic who had recently lost her spouse of 70 years. It was love at first sight.

The couple has enjoyed many exciting things together including a trip to New York City. Gene thought this would be a good opportunity for Myra to get to know part of his family so she joined Gene and his son’s family. They were outside Good Morning America in Times Square and something very special happened …

The weather reporter motioned for Myra to come up to the blockade. As they engaged in small talk, a limousine pulled up and out stepped the day’s live entertainment, Jason Aldean. A security guard whispered to Aldean, and the singer made a direct route to Myra and Gene, where they shook hands and snapped photos. Myra said into the weather reporter’s microphone: “I’m 90, and I’m getting married!” The entire crowd (at home and in New York) loved this! Since then, Gene and Myra have continued to live happily ever after at Park Meadows.

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