Spectrum Family Pets

Spectrum Family Pets

Pets and older adults constitute a powerful combination in aging well.  

Spectrum Retirement promotes the value of pet companions and visitors, and all of our retirement  communities are pet-friendly.

Patty Schmaus started looking for a new home in senior housing about three years ago. She was concerned with the location and amenities, of course, but knew that the place she chose would absolutely have to accept her beloved West Highland Terrier, Cookie.

Patty rescued Cookie four years prior and could not imagine life without her. Throughout her life Patty had taken care of dogs and enjoyed their companionship. Patty was “very happily surprised” to find Park Meadows Senior Living in Overland Park, KS. Not only did Park Meadows welcome Cookie, but Patty was able to secure a first floor apartment with a fenced in yard!

Patty is thrilled that even in snowy weather Cookie can get outside. Cookie, on the other hand, prefers to be indoors and tiptoes outside when it is raining! Patty enjoys frequent visits from her family and friends and is very active in community activities. But nothing can replace the day-to-day friendship and companionship that she has with Cookie.

Here are just a few of our residents and their companions!

LaVon, Spectrum Retirement resident & Ladybug, LaVon's companion

Spectrum Retirement Community resident and her feline companionsSpectrum Retirement Community resident and her companion

Gene, Spectrum resident and Dolly, Gene's companion

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