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Spring/Summer 2017

Taking Action
From policy to pain management, a growing senior population is driving change.


Winter 2017

Arts Intensive
Music and arts boost well-being and bring joy into our lives.


Summer/Fall 2016

Unbreakable Bonds
From family to furry friends, caregiving connections last a lifetime.

Spring/Summer 2016

Embrace Life
Take a wild ride through the changing world of seniors!

Winter 2015/2016

Joy-Filled Generation
Take changes in stride, and enjoy this splendid season of your life!

Summer/Fall 2015

Making Connections
The health benefits of an active social life

Spring/Summer 2015

Living Longer, Living Stronger
Secrets to thriving later in life

Winter 2014/2015

Here’s to Health
Food and Fitness Tips to Jump Start Your year

Fall 2014

It IS a Wonderful Life
The Older We Are, the Happier

Spring/Summer 2014

The Secrets to Happiness
Aging Gracefully

Winter 2013/2014

Celebrate Yourself
Count Your Blessings, Including Yourself!

Summer 2013

Family Fun
Caring for Loved Ones from Afar

Spring 2013

The Healing Power of Laughter 
Laugh! and be Joyful

Fall 2012/Winter 2013

Recalling that Song
Music’s effect on Alzheimer’s disease

Summer 2012

Successful Aging
A quest for meaning?

Spring 2012

Healing Gardens
The Good in the Green

Winter 2011/2012

Creating, sharing and protecting life’s most precious gift

Summer/Fall 2011

The Wellness Issue

Spring 2011

How your personal hobby boosts overall well-being

Autumn 2010

Express Yourself
How a creative outlet can benefit body, mind and soul

Summer 2010

The Fountain of Youth
The secret to longevity is no secret at all.

Winter 2010

Live it up!
Dance your way to fitness in our new Arabesque program.